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Startup & Mentoring: Welcome on Board…

As Mentors and Coaches, we are not pilots, we are stewards or stewardesses accompanying us.

  • We provide support and ask the right questions.
  • We offer them refreshments.
  • We accompany and help them.
  • We give them information about the flight, possible destinations, limits and regulations.

What we don’t do is fly the plane!

The entrepreneurs/founders are the pilots and must persevere to the finish line or, if necessary, choose the emergency destination.

A year ago, I took part in “Mentorday Vende” as I do every month. After a long time of always taking the ferry, the supposedly slower and sometimes certainly more difficult way, I changed my mind and booked an early flight to arrive before our monthly “Mentor Sells” session.

Strategically: The advantage was that the flight normally takes 30 min and leaves every hour from Las Palmas to Tenerife North.

Done! Flight booked, arriving at the airport, we boarded on time and I was happy to likely arrive even earlier than estimated.

About 20 minutes after take-off and a short distance to our destination, the pilot said he couldn’t land in Tenerife North and had to land at another airport.

What an easy trip it was supposed to be to get there, almost arriving but yet so far to reach the destination.

Who among you doesn’t know this kind of frustration when faced with a situation you can’t change which makes it impossible for you to reach your destination (on time)?

The pilot says: We are going to land in Tenerife Sur in 15 min (about an hour’s drive from the original airport)!

Adiós Mentorday, adiós plans!

New situation:

Tenerife South in 15 minutes, 15 minutes to get out of the plane and of course with another important delay of at least one hour due to the transfer from the new destination to the planned one. Calculating all this I realised that this story really serves as a metaphor for all that we suffer as entrepreneurs.

Goals are not always easy to achieve!

As I caught the bus almost an hour later I thought about my promises and what I will miss by delaying. I thought about how the goal of the trip was to participate during this day in the Mentorday accelerate week to help, but in the end, I will arrive to apologise and leave shortly after.

Did I choose the wrong way?

No! I chose the best way according to the information I had when I made my decision (booking and preparing my trip).

Didn´t the pilot do his job?

No! Actually, his job was to take us safely from the origin of Gran Canaria to the destination Tenerife, he did it although it was not the expected airport, it was as close as possible and as safe as possible (Tenerife has two airports).

We learn that there is always something that may happen and we have to choose and make decisions.

We cannot stop and not act in front of a new situation. Maybe while we are walking it happens to us that we don’t arrive via the planned and direct way. But the important thing is that we don’t give up.

In the end, I convinced the shuttle driver to let me out of the shuttle in the city centre before the official destination to not lose even more time. If we don’t try and ask we may end up doing it the way others planned it and might even lose more time.

A year ago this day I arrived late, but I arrived.

As an expert in marketing and business management, I still tried to talk to all the projects/ startups and I realised that we are not experts guiding them, we cannot manage it all like the pilot in the cockpit. We can only make the journey better, support and give refreshments so that you can nourish yourselves to last until you reach your destination, no matter what it will be…

To all entrepreneurs and Startups: Bon voyage! See you next mentorday acceleration week (March acceleration programme) dedicated to the Collaborative Economy  – we love to be part of your journey!

Remember: Turbulence and detours will always appear on every journey. Fears, discomfort and happiness too – much success!

Never doubt your way and if you need a refreshment, we are happy to give it to you. For further information, please contact us.