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about us

Our Roots

We are licensed by Google as a Street View Trusted Agency and have carried out several projects with both local councils and companies in the Canary Islands and Spain. Having an international clientele enables the team to access various markets, gain professional experience and create a wide network of professionals in the sector.

Since its foundation in 2014, Las Palmas de G. C. has remained the company’s headquarters due to the fascinating beauty of the micro-continent of Gran Canaria and the countless opportunities it offers.

Our Services

360-degree photography

With spherical photography you can make yourself known in a completely new and innovative visual way. Our photo service is licensed by Google (Street View Trusted Agency). Upload the panoramas on your website, publish the best shots on social media or display the images on tablets or virtual reality glasses at trade fairs or events.

Strategy & Consultancy is a digital marketing and bespoke solutions agency. We develop strategy and implement marketing products and policies in client companies ensuring the development and operation of all relevant systems for the optimal execution of the marketing plan, according to needs and wants analysis.

Webdesign & Marketing

Do you want an attractive and professionally designed website? Digital Marketing has to be planned - with endless possibilities, we analyse your options and estimate the costs for your websites and digital ads (AdWords, Facebook Ads etc.) Which ads for which audience? Where are your customers? We analyse all your possible questions.

Content Creation

We correct and create from scratch the contents of your business in a creative and quality way to attract the attention of new customers.


Five+ languages to implement the right digital marketing strategy for your clients.

Project Management

Management of international projects defining the media plan and developing the work both offline and online.

Social media management & Community manager

We create, optimise, maintain and manage communication channels to obtain a uniform corporate identity.

Who are we?

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Some Facts about us?

Our Team

Cornelia Eleonore Zacharias

Cornelia Eleonore Zacharias, MSc


Adriana Flores

Rainer Heck


The Team

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Clients worldwide
Travelled KMs

Our Work


Unified forces

After 6 years we merged forces with our longterm partners in Thailand and Germany. Having an international clientele enables the team to access various markets to learn from, to gain professional experience, to share knowledge and to create a wide network of professionals ready to support and consult you.


Partner & Clients