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About Us

Meet Covanlig Consulting

For over 10 years Covanlig Consulting has worked with international clients and helped them expand their in-house teams with European, Indian and Thai developers.

IT team augmentation is becoming increasingly popular in the IT labour market. Outsourcing, offshoring and SDaaS models are becoming increasingly common.

Since the home office regulations in the context of the pandemic, international companies also like to work with remote developers a lot more.

Find out what team augmentation means, the benefits of team augmentation and how you can best strengthen your team with international software developers.

Meet Covanlig Consulting

For 10 years we have been supporting businesses in the IT domain, facilitating Team-Augmentation, Digital Transformation, and streamlining global Remote Work with tailor-made top-notch solutions and services.

With a highly-skilled, multilingual, and experienced team, we also offer business consulting, market analysis, and strategy development services to boost your growth.

We are where you are

A Radiant Connected Team!

Our team works both locally and remotely, offering you the flexibility to choose the option that best suits your needs.

We count on our own team of IT-Experts and offer flexible support for projects of any scale.

Serving you with

Motivation and Curiosity

In the last decade, we were united by the love and passion we feel about the work we do. 

We have always shared our knowledge where possible, on congresses, mentoring or coaching sessions and still some of us participate in Youth Business Spain, MentorDay Tenerife or other international programs to keep the knowledge flow and growing. 

At Covanlig we understand that even experts or specialists every day meet new challenges and learn from them. 

Our motto: Challenge accepted!”

The Brand ®


Why the "C" ?

For C

Why "Ovanlig" ?

Ovanlig is Swedish and means exceptional, special, extraordinary, uncommon, rare, simply: unusual.

The roots of the brand are coming from the idea to find and develop unusual solutions for the clients. was the initial brand of the founder Cornelia Eleonore Zacharias, who was born in Hamburg with Swedish roots. Together with the C of Cornelia and Consulting and of course Coffee and Commitment (and many more) the name Covanlig is the link between passion, roots, and the future.


Our Roots

We started out as “Unusual Marketing” offering Strategy, Consultancy, Website design, Marketing and 360-degree photography as Google Street View Trusted Agency.

We have always had an international clientele which enabled us to access various markets, gain professional experience and create a wide network of professionals in the sector.