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Creativity & Unusual Solutions for your Business

Let us be your partner and help you achieve your goals with agile and effective solutions, adapted to your needs.

about us

Your Digital Consulting Agency

Since 2014 we have been helping our clients.

We specialize in SDaaS, digital transformation, consulting & coaching and project management; We seek to simplify global remote work and to implement the best solutions.

We understand ourselves as your partner and we help you achieve your goals: Market Analysis,  Scrum (agile) Management, Business Consulting (Remote Work, Digital Transformation and Mentoring) and also have an experienced Development experts team.

Our team speaks five+ languages and works both locally (depends on country) and remotely. We work independently and advise according to your needs, which means that you are always free to make your own decisions whilst we provide you all you need to choose your best option.


What we do

We work according 5 COres

COmpetitiveness, COmpetence, COst-Efficiency, COllaboration (Agile) & COmprehension.

While serving you in these areas:

Market Analysis & Marketing Projects

We advise business owners, investors, and companies in all stages of the development of their projects.

On the other hand, we help entrepreneurs to develop the appropriate marketing strategy for their project or business or to implement SDaaS. 

Projects Management & Scrum Master

We are happy to support you with a market analysis and with access to IT know how. We help you to implement agile methodologies and process optimization strategies. We help to implement what is necessary and/or form your individual team.

We are coordinating IT projects for many years using an agile approach for a smooth and successful development process. With the PSM certificate, we connect our work officially to and their values. We share them and live them with passion.

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation starts with the use of planning tools and cloud based tools to optimize processes and transparency. We help you to implement the right project management tool and time tracking software as well as communication tools to connect your team remotely.

Internal processes and success highly depend on the right use of software, for example, through ticketing systems or communication tools. Team members should know at all times: When, who and what. The right implementation allows a high degree of interconnection and streamlining of the company.

From a CRM, CMS, Project Management Software, to a Corporate Social Network, there are endless tools and solutions for your business.

Network of Experts (SDaaS)

We are part of a large network of local experts: Programmers / developers, architects, lawyers, tax and real estate consultants, design, interior, repair and maintenance service providers, etc.

We specifically request information and cost estimates for your project, explore the offerings with you, and accompany you during implementation.

We work very successfully with partners from Spain, Germany, Thailand and India.

In case of eg. legal questions, development approaches, agile leadership doubts or marketings urgencies, we will connect you with the appropriate experts in our team.


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Simple and effective solutions for your business.

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