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Technology Needs Soft Skills to Innovate!

Women don’t have to be the same or more than men, but different! But… What does innovating in the technology sector have to do with Soft Skills and women?

Soft Skills make the difference when it comes to innovating in the technology sector. They are hard to learn and are naturally present in most women. These skills play a differentiating role in technology and leadership positions.

In one of the most stable and fast-growing male-dominated industries, women are a new factor. Parallel to the big challenges of the IT industry, such as the shortage of skilled workers, uncertainty and the need to innovate, women are facing a new challenge: themselves!

Women have forgotten that it is not about being compared to men, it is about creating something new from our own skills and strengths. Women bring into play special weapons (which cannot be learned directly): So-called Soft Skills, such as communication, feeling, vibrancy, organisational talent, etc.

According to research conducted by the Korn Ferry division of Korn Ferry (NYSE: KFY), women score higher than men in almost all emotional intelligence competencies: Achievement orientation, adaptability, coaching and mentoring, conflict management, empathy, emotional self-awareness, inspirational leadership, influence, organisational awareness, positive outlook, teamwork and emotional self-control are some of the skills in which women excel.

Classic strengths, such as analytical thinking, goal orientation and strategic thinking, are learnable strengths that successful women (in IT) have long adapted. Self-fulfilment is the result of patience, determination, willingness to compromise, but above all discipline!

As career changers, we have learned and consolidated our strengths in other industries to use them, after specific analysis, to adapt existing business models.

At Covanlig we always keep in mind to provide, not only the service offered in a professional, efficient and effective way, but also taking into account the needs of our clients, using Soft Skills as a complement at every stage.

We have established SDaaS as a service business model and, in addition to classic and new contracting models, we have tackled the problems posed in our own way. The focus is on customer problem-solving and sophisticated communication.

Today’s technology needs more than innovation: it needs management, framework conditions and passionate minds to implement it in the right place at the right time.

Technology is a wonderful vehicle to bring innovations and solutions to society. With SDaaS we create a bridge between scalability, affordability, problem solving, remote working and established structures that can be expanded through SDaaS. Women, in particular, play an important role as IT consultants, as their Soft Skills are not easy to learn and are the success factor on the way to the successful completion of a sprint.